Selected Supercollider Synthdefs

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February 27, 2017

Selected Supercollider Synthdefs

Here is a collection of Supercollider synthdefs I made over the time:

3030303.scd —> TB-303 Clone with a Diode Filter

Appajax-2000.scd —> Karplus-Strong sound engine with a time-variable dub-delay

Lumbricost.scd —> Experimental PWM synth with a Moog Ladder Filter

Manchun.scd —> Sampler with four ADSR, hardwired to pitch, amp, HPF and LPF

Masibo.scd —> Eight track drum machine with FFT Spectral-based effects (Requires samples)

Massaka.scd —> Resonator based sound generator with dynamic ring time decays

senjin.scd —> Complex scheme of Bipolar BLIT derived square waveform generators with tubes, power-amp simulations, and digitally modeled analog filter

bonus: p5pwm.scd —> Famous Prophet-5 Brass Preset Sound

download link: https://github.com/everythingwillbetakenaway/Main-Supercollider-Files

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