T.S.R. Electronic Instrument Design

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The TSR is a 4-track sampler and sequencer groovebox. I built this instrument to use during my train journey throughout the Siberia, and the name also reflects that “TSR” = Trans Siberian Railway. I mainly developed it for the outdoor use (Its battery goes for more than +25 hours). But it can also perfectly fit the modern studio setup (it has clocks-input for synchronizing with the other gear). It can capture external sounds and sculpt them. It allows musicians to layer and rearrange the fundamental properties of sounds like playback speed and granularization and from there you can combine it with a filter with 4-Stage envelope contour. For each track, it also has sample-rate reducer and a distortion. Piezo microphones on right top corner give MPC-like production style. Its sequencer is a complex one. It has conditional functions like “Random Mask’ or step-wise parameter which locks all of its 32 synthesis parameters and also some interesting modulation options on the song/track parameters such as the change of bar-speed per step. I built the TSR from scratch. I had to learn CAD tools to design and print my 3D case. Graphical image editing software was used to create its front panel. I knew about the circuits very well, but I had to design PCB. Which also takes another process to learn. The important part was programming. I’ve built a very complex machine using Pure Data programming language, and I will improve and add new features on a constant basis. Video here & Blog post & Code


November 2017


Instrument Design.

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